Banquet Menu $46 p/p

– min 4 people –

– serving plates served in sequence –

For a larger group of people who love to taste a bit of everything, try your hand at eating ‘meze’ style with this traditional menu. It’s the perfect Greek experience! Four or more people. Sharing plates served in sequence.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian friendly options available.


  • Tzatziki, tarama, fava, w/ grilled pita bread

  • House-made spinach & cheese pie

  • Grilled & drizzled w/ olive oil

  • Fried, served w/ lime aioli

  • Slow cooked half lamb shoulder, w/ lemon roasted potatoes & vegetables, lemon oregano lamb jus

  • -vegetarian available-
    layered potatoes, eggplant, & lightly spiced lamb mince w/ bechamel sauce

  • Layered filo pastry w/ walnuts, almonds, cinnamon & rich syrup, served w/ honey yogurt